Solar Inverter Installed On My Home – 850 VA + 150 AH Battery

Power From Sun – Solar Inverter Installation Details

Solar Inverter cost
Solar Inverter cost

Solar Inverter Installation Details , APC 850 VA Home UPS, Exide Solar Inverter 150 AH Battery and 100 Watts 3 Solar Panels. Its a good idea to use a home ups with solar panels. You can simply save 1-2 units of current every day with solar inverters. The main drawback of Solar setup are its little bit costly and purely depends on climate conditions. If there is no sunlight or sky is cloudy battery charging through solar panels will not happens. So if you are thinking about a solar setup , first ensure that you are getting enough sunlight.

Parts of Home Solar Plant

Now we can check what are the components in the Solar Inverter Installation set up. Home UPS or Inverter , Battery, Solar panels, Charge Controller, Connecting Wires. We can check the parts one by one now. Main component is Inverter or UPS, Purchase a home ups without battery inside. Its better to purchase good quality inverter, i brought APC Brand. You should check power ratings of inverter before purchasing the same.

850 VA is enough to run some fans, lights, computer etc. You can connect a maximum load of 500 watts with a 850 VA inverter. In my home all the lights are led bulbs, i am using 14, 9 , 7 ,5 , 3 watt led bulbs. my load is low and along with these led bulbs me using 3 fans also. my preethy mixy is working fine with this APC 850 VA inverter.

Exide 6LMS150L
Exide 6LMS150L

Best Brand Home UPS

If you want to connect more load, prefer higher value like 1kva, 2 kva etc. but if you are using 1kva or high value its battery connection will be 24v or above, means you need to purchase 2+ battery. this will increase the Solar Inverter set up cost, if you are planning to invest more can check these. for using 2-3 fans, 5-6 led bulbs 850 va is enough, 1 tv etc 850 va enough. Next part is battery, there are different types of batteries available in the market. there are lot of batteries available in the market , specially made for solar. normal inverter batteries are using c10 plates and solar special batteries using c20 plates for charging.

Exide Solar C10 Plate Special Batteries

if you are choosing a solar battery with c20 plates, it will cost more than ordinary batteries. but the life span is higher, means we will more life for solar batteries. Exide 6LMS150L is the model i have purchased, i recommending this particular model to all. Exide 6LMS150L offering 5year onsite warranty, with full charge i have run 3 fans every night. in power cut times me using the same also on day time. Next part is solar panels, i have purchased 3 panels of 100 watts. i got the same in 6000 price range.

  • 3 panels are connecting parallel, from these 3 panels me getting 15 amp current at full sunlight. it will charge battery full in 10 hours, depends on the availability of sunlight.
Charge Controller

we can’t connect solar panel output directly to the batteries, because the output is more than 12 volts, its nearly 17v. we need a device called solar charge controller between solar panel and battery. solar charge controllers are available in 2 types, pwm (Pulse Width Modulation) and mppt (Maximum Power Point Tracking). pwm is cheap in cost and mppt is costly, but it have more efficiency. these terms need more explanations, i will publish more about all these components in my other posts.

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